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About our other products

About our other products

The largest part of our range consists of metal birds, but we try to make many more beautiful metal home and garden decorations. With these metal decorations we hope to brighten up the interior and exterior. The idea is that the products are easy to use. You can easily stick one into the wood, the other you hang up or put on the table. They also remain beautiful forever, this is because they are made of Corten steel or stainless steel.

Your own designed decoration? We are happy to make for you. Contact us and we will discuss the costs and delivery time.

Special decorations of steel

The special thing about the decorations made of steel is that we use our background in technology to make it even more fun. For example, we ensure that the lighthouse and the dom tower of Utrecht can easily be folded at home. This allows us to ship the products flat and offer them for a good price. Many of our metal decorations are designed and made by ourselves. In addition, we also work with various artists in order to be able to offer other beautiful decorations. A piece of Dutch design, in other words. The Corten steel silhouettes come into their own best against a smooth background. For example on a tree, pole, wall or in a box in front of the wall.

Types of metal products in our collection

In addition to the beautiful birds in our collection, such as the metal kingfisher , hummingbird , great tit and wren , we have other beautiful products. For example, take a look at the squirrel, the butterfly or the metal rose . For those who prefer a product for indoors, we have the metal Domtoren from Utrecht, which is made of brushed stainless steel (stainless steel) and looks very nice on the table or in the cupboard.

Looking for a unique metal rose for your garden? At we have a beautiful selection of metal flowers, including our metal rose. This metal rose is made of high-quality Corten steel, which makes it not only beautiful, but also weather-resistant and durable.

Corten steel metal products

Our metal decorations for the garden are made of Corten steel . This type of steel will oxidize slowly and will therefore acquire a rusty layer. Rust? Can we hear you thinking. Yes! Where you really don't want them to rust with most types of metal, that is a different story with this type of steel. Because where the Corten steel decorations still look new and iron-colored in the beginning, they transform over time into rusty decorations with a warm colored plumage. The rusty layer even has a protective function: it forms a very dense 'skin' and protects the underlying material. Prefer no rust? Or accelerate the rusting process? You can do both by simply treating your metal bird.

About the Dom Tower of Utrecht

The Dom Tower is one of the most iconic landmarks in the Netherlands and a must-see for anyone visiting Utrecht. At we now have the unique opportunity to place this beautiful tower in the form of a metal decoration in your home. Our metal Dom tower is made of high-quality brushed stainless steel, which makes it weather-resistant and has a beautiful surface. It's a great way to bring a piece of Utrecht into your home and add a unique decoration at the same time.

Metal figures: from flower to animal

At you can choose from outdoor wall decorations of flowers and animals. Each silhouette is designed by ourselves and then laser cut. Just in the Netherlands.

Are you going for metal wall decoration in the shape of a flower? Then you can choose, for example, a hibiscus, lily or rose. Such a Corten steel flower does well as decoration on every interior wall and garden wall.

Are you an animal lover? Then you cannot ignore our metal wall decoration of animals. We have beautiful silhouettes of dogs in our range. Including the border collie, labrador, dachshund and husky. Hang a faithful animal head made of metal on a wall indoors or outdoors and it will put a smile on your lips every time.

Are you looking for metal wall decoration of an animal or flower, but your favorite dog breed or figure is not listed? We can make an animal head or flower according to your own design. Get in touch and we will discuss the costs and delivery time.

About our outdoor metal wall decoration

Do you have a boring wall or fence in your garden? With metal wall decoration, this is easily remedied outside. Our Corten steel figures are the ideal way to decorate a garden wall. Special about this decoration is the special rust layer that slowly forms on the material. You can speed up this process, but you can also stop it - if you want the look of iron. So it's just what you like in your garden. Rust or not - with metal wall decoration you can decorate any garden wall outside.

Metal flowers for outside

You hang our metal wall decoration - unlike, for example, the metal birds that you stick in a tree - flat against a garden wall. A screw is enough to hang a silhouette. Each wall is sufficient for this garden decoration. Hang the metal decoration on the outside wall of, for example, your home or a shed. But a fence is also a great place. Wherever you hang your metal showpiece, you will brighten up your terrace, patio, veranda or backyard. And metal wall decoration also works well in the front garden. With a metal flower on the wall you create just that little bit of decorative flair at your front door!

Our metal flowers remain beautiful, regardless of weather conditions. The use of Corten steel creates a beautiful rust patina, which only becomes more beautiful with time. Our metal flowers are a beautiful addition to any garden or patio. Visit our website for more information and a larger selection of metal flowers, metal flowers, metal flowers and corten steel flowers.

Corten steel exterior wall garden decoration

Our metal exterior wall decorations are made of Corten steel . Due to the special properties of this type of metal, the metal wall decoration that you have hanging outside will slowly rust and get a warm rust color. This is not bad - but desirable. It is a typical thing for corten steel! The material does not rust through. If you prefer to see wall decoration made of metal that has an iron color in your garden, that is also possible. You accelerate or stop the rusting process simply by treating the Corten steel.

Metal wall decoration for outside

In addition to our metal wall decoration for outside, we have even more metal decorations at In addition to the wall decoration, we also have metal birds that you tap into the wood. Whatever you order: we ship your order quickly and free of charge. If you order before 3 p.m. and your metal decoration for the outside wall is in stock, we will ship your order within one working day.

De cortenstalen exoten

Cortenstalen aap

Ontdek de Unieke Sfeer van een Cortenstalen Aap Sculptuur. Buiten ons standaard assortiment proberen wij ook was extra dingen op te vrolijken.

Ben je op zoek naar een opvallende cortenstalen aap voor je tuin? Zoek niet verder! Onze collectie cortenstalen dieren van metaal omvat ook prachtige sculpturen van apen. Deze unieke en duurzame kunstwerken worden vaak gezocht door liefhebbers van cortenstaal en metalen tuindecoraties.

Cortenstalen sculptuur

Een cortenstalen aap sculptuur voegt een speels en artistiek element toe aan je buitenruimte. Met zijn roestige patina en gedetailleerde ontwerp trekt deze cortenstalen aap de aandacht en creëert hij een charmante en levendige sfeer in je tuin. Cortenstaal staat bekend om zijn natuurlijke verouderingsproces, waardoor de sculptuur een authentieke uitstraling krijgt en perfect integreert in verschillende landschappen.

Onze cortenstalen apen zijn niet alleen artistiek, maar ook zeer weerbestendig en onderhoudsvriendelijk. Cortenstaal vormt van nature een beschermende roestlaag, waardoor de sculptuur bestand is tegen verschillende weersomstandigheden. Of het nu zonnig, regenachtig of zelfs sneeuwachtig is, je cortenstalen aap blijft zijn charme behouden. Bovendien vereist het minimale onderhoud, waardoor je meer tijd hebt om te genieten van je tuin.

Of je nu een moderne tuin, een exotisch landschap of een speels kinderhoekje hebt, een cortenstalen aap sculptuur is een veelzijdige keuze die perfect past bij verschillende stijlen en omgevingen. Onze collectie biedt verschillende formaten en ontwerpen, zodat je de perfecte cortenstalen aap kunt kiezen die bij jouw persoonlijke voorkeur en ruimte past.

Dus, als je je tuin wilt verfraaien met een unieke cortenstalen aap, bekijk dan onze prachtige collectie. Voeg een vleugje speelsheid en artistieke expressie toe aan je buitenruimte met deze duurzame en betoverende sculpturen.