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About our metal dogs/cats

About our metal dogs and cats

We have designs such as Huskies, Sheepdogs, Border Collies, Labradors and Dachshunds.

Our metal dogs are made of durable Corten steel, which develops a unique patina with time, making it a unique feature of this wall decoration. The Corten steel is resistant to weather conditions and easy to maintain.

Our metal dogs are a unique way to brighten up your home or garden while showing your love for animals. Whether you are a real dog lover or are just looking for a unique wall decoration, our collection of metal dogs is sure to appeal to you.

Metal figures: from flower to animal

Are you an animal lover? Then you cannot ignore our metal wall decoration of animals. We have beautiful silhouettes of dogs in our range. Including the border collie, labrador, dachshund and husky. Hang a faithful animal head made of metal on a wall indoors or outdoors and it will put a smile on your lips every time.

Are you looking for metal wall decoration of an animal or flower, but your favorite dog breed or figure is not listed? We can make an animal head or flower according to your own design. Contact us and we will discuss the costs and delivery time.

Our metal wall decoration for outside

Corten steel exterior wall garden decoration

Our metal exterior wall decorations are made of Corten steel . Due to the special properties of this type of metal, the metal wall decoration that you have hanging outside will slowly rust and get a warm rust color. This is not bad - but desirable. It is a typical thing for corten steel! The material does not rust through. If you prefer to see wall decoration made of metal that has an iron color in your garden, that is also possible. You accelerate or stop the rusting process simply by treating the Corten steel.