Frequently Asked Questions:

What is

Metal is a company that focuses on the design and production of unique metal decoration items, especially birds. These items are made of high quality Corten steel and are specially designed to withstand the outdoors.

How does make its products?

The first step is to come up with/design new metal decorations. After this phase, the products are made by laser cutting and manual finishing. This process makes it possible to create precise birds , wall decorations , dom towers or other metal sillhouettes .

What are the shipping costs?

We ship all our products within the Netherlands for free with PostNL, so you do not pay any shipping costs. The shipping costs abroad depend on the destination.

Are the metal birds weatherproof?

Yes, our metal birds/metal birds are made of Corten steel, a special type of weather-resistant steel that is designed to rust. This means that the birds are resistant to the elements and require no maintenance.

Are the metal decorations weatherproof?

Yes, our metal squirrels, metal butterfly, metal flowers, metal dogs and the other decorations are all made of Corten steel, a special kind of weather-resistant steel that is designed to rust. Our stainless steel products are also suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Is maintenance required for metal birds?

No, no special maintenance is required for our metal birds. They are made of durable 3mm Corten steel. Corten steel develops an oxide skin due to the weather conditions, which protects the metal. So a metal bird will last forever. Including beautiful rust patina appearance.

Can I order a custom product from

Yes, we offer the possibility to order custom products. For more information, please contact Metal customer service. We do this with metal dogs, flowers and birds.

What is your delivery time?

Our standard delivery time for our metal decorations is 1-3 working days. We ship both the metal birds and the larger metal dogs with PostNL, so you can always track your metal decorations with a track and trace code.

Do I have to be home to receive my bird?

No, we ship all our birds with letterbox packages. The package therefore simply fits through the letterbox.

Large decorations such as our wall decorations are sent as a package, they do not fit through the letterbox.

How do I mount my bird?

The birds are easy to assemble. Depending on the surface, take the following steps:

In the wood:

To mount the metal bird in the wood you only need a hammer. Find a nice spot for your bird and gently tap the back until it hangs firmly in place.

In the wall:

Do you want to mount your corten steel bird in a wall, yes this is also possible. Drill a hole in the wall in question and put a plug in it, then you can also tap your bird into the wall here.

The Dom tower or lighthouse, how do I bend it?

With the metal Dom tower and metal lighthouse we will supply an instruction with the product. The products can be easily bent, place the product with the brushed side (most beautiful side) towards you and bend the foot backwards. If necessary, it can be placed with its back on the table to make it easier.