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The Shepherd Dog Stainless Steel

The Shepherd Dog Stainless Steel

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Our Dog: The Sheepdog

Sheepdogs are usually friendly to friend and foe and therefore not really suitable as a guard dog. Shepherds are naturally independent and willful, training based on aversive methods and coercion is very counterproductive. Working from the intrinsic motivation of the dog produces better and more sustainable results. They are often good with children, but due to their hunting instinct, care should be taken with cats and other small animals. Huskies can live with cats if they have been raised with them from an early age.


stainless steel stainless steel

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251mm x 415mm x 2mm

Care Instructions

The weather influences ensure that the weather-resistant Corten steel acquires its characteristic rust-brown color over time. The oxide skin protects the deeper lying material so that it remains protected for years. All Corten steel products that we supply still have the appearance of "clean" metal when sold.

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