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The tawny owl

The tawny owl

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If you are interested in nature and birds, the tawny owl is definitely a species you don't want to miss. With their round head, dark eyes and heart-shaped face, the tawny owl is a striking sight in the forests in which they live. This medium-sized owl hunts small mammals, birds, insects and other prey at night, taking advantage of their excellent hearing and silent flight.

During the breeding season, tawny owls show a special behavior. The monogamous pair usually breed once a year, with the female laying two to five eggs and incubating the eggs for about a month. The male brings food to the female and later to the chicks. Tawny owls are important predators in the forest ecosystem, as they keep rodent and insect populations in check and serve as a food source for other predators.

If you'd like to see a tawny owl, head out at night and listen closely for their distinctive call, which sounds like a two-voiced "eagle-owl-owl". With a bit of luck you can see them sitting on a branch, looking for their next prey.

In short, the tawny owl is a beautiful bird with unique features and behaviors


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