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The great tits

The great tits

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The great tit is a common bird species in the Netherlands, known for its striking appearance and clear singing. This little bird is a great addition to any garden, and can be easily attracted by offerings of food and water. Great tits are not only beautiful to look at, but also useful for helping to control insects and other unwanted critters in the garden. It is important to know that the great tit needs protection, and it is forbidden to catch or disturb them in their natural habitat. By providing a safe environment and offering food and water, you can enjoy these beautiful birds while contributing to their survival.


Corten steel

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290mm x 110mm x 3mm

Care Instructions

The weather influences ensure that the weather-resistant Corten steel acquires its characteristic rust-brown color over time. The oxide skin protects the deeper lying material so that it remains protected for years. All Corten steel products that we supply still have the appearance of "clean" metal when sold.

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